Fabrication / Commercial Work

Wood Burning

"Experience the captivating art of Shou Sugi Ban, an inspiring technique that preserves wood by delicately charring it with fire. originally this traditional method is predominantly employed with Japanese cedar to enhance its durability and weather resistance (which was not used in our process demonstrated). Through careful charring, the wood's surface is transformed into a beautifully charred texture before being finished with a protective coat of natural oil." This box was built and burned at the Sculpture Department by Francis Giampietro and Lucy Carranza, to hold the same torch that is used classroom-wide for sculpture students. j

Hand Built Box 

Holds torch

Construction for Classroom Storage

As a valued contributor to the construction project in the University of Houston's sculpture department, I collaborated with fellow students and professors to enrich the classroom environment. Our collective efforts involved constructing sturdy frames, securing them to concrete surfaces using nail shots, installing insulation, adding drywall, plastering edges to achieve a polished appearance, priming the walls, and finally, applying paint. Additionally, we created a ledge and provided students and professors with convenient storage space for their valuable materials. This collaborative endeavor not only enhanced the aesthetics of the classroom but also fostered an inspiring environment for artistic exploration.



Storage Space

Inside View 

UH Graphic Design Art Pedestals

In collaboration with Professor Francis Giampietro, and the Graphics Department at the University of Houston, I had the privilege of working on a significant project. Our task was to design and construct a large set of easily assemblable pedestals, purpose-built for artwork and sculptures. Employing our expertise, we began by selecting large sheets of wood and carefully trimming them down to the desired sizes. Utilizing precision tools such as a jig saw and a router, we skillfully cut out the distinctive shape of each half of the pedestals. The result was a collection of meticulously crafted pedestals that provided a stable and aesthetically pleasing platform for showcasing artwork. Our collaboration exemplified the fusion of creative vision and technical craftsmanship, contributing to the enhancement of the Graphics Department's artistic environment at the University of Houston.

Lathe Machine Demo Assistant

UH Shelving for ESS Studios

In collaboration with Francis Giampietro, I had the opportunity to undertake an exciting project at the Elgin Street studio. Our task was to construct a unique installation of shelves on the higher level of the studio space. The challenge lay in assembling the shelves onto the support beams of the building, requiring a meticulous and precise process. Over the course of a month or two, we dedicated ourselves to this endeavor, ensuring every step was executed with utmost care. From planning and measurement to installation, our attention to detail and commitment to quality craftsmanship were paramount. 


Student Engagement...

Mold making / Casting...

Plaster Molding

Plaster Casting


Needle Felting